Blodprop- og AK-Patientforeningen in Denmark

The situation in anticoagulation in Denmark have over the last couple of years been developing in a more good way so to speak as the numbers of patients in self monitoring and self medication have gone from around 7.000 to around 10.000 over the last couple of years and will still a slowly increasing although it is in our opinion not in a speed we would like it to see it, as a lot more patient could benefit being in self control and self medication to have a better life quality.

We see the new drugs NOAC being more and more used which is good for the patient who can use the new drugs, but as the drugs cannot be used by all patient we will still see that Wafarin for a long time ahead will be used as an anticoagulant medication to prevent the formation of blood clots the price are lower than NOAK and because not all can use the new medication, and with the new medication there are still some risk and to little knowledge to the complication which can come.

However, there is no doubt that NOACs will be the future we see a lot of these patient will no longer find the patient organization interesting as the now just have to take this drugs and everything are then solved for them.

But we think there will still be a need for Blodprop- og AK- Patientforeningen so we are trying to tell the patient that there are still a long way to go to help all the patient on the waiting list who really want to be self monitoring/medicating for a better life quality, and we do not see why should some hundred patient die every year because missing or lake of control in due time, we fight for this patient by pushing the government and region to spend more money in order to save more life, we also try to info patient better with folders and our AK Journal and be making patient event.

We are losing members and therefore we are trying to restructure the  Blodprop- og AK- Patientforeningen for the future with a new 5 years plane in order to be more visible for patients and the healthcare.  

Preben Mandrup,