Christian is Editor of the German patient magazine Die Gerinnung (The coagulation) and chairman of the working group Heart valve and anticoagulated patients.

Cees is chairman of the Dutch patient organisation STIZAN (Stichting zelfmanagement orale antistollingspatienten nederland)

Eve is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the leading thrombosis charity AntiCoagulation Europe.

Member of many boards including AntiCoagulation in Practice; The AntiCoagulation Self Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA); and is a Section Editor for the British Journal of Cardiology and the British Journal of Primary Care Nursing.

Michael is Editor of the British patient magazine INReview.

Ron is director of the Dutch Thrombosis Service Neder-Veluwe, Ede, The Netherlands.


The International Self-Monitoring Association of oral Anticoagulated Patients (ISMAAP) was first proposed in Paris, France, in July 2001. It was officially founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in July 2002 on the initiative of representatives of national Associations of patients on oral anticoagulated therapy.

In some countries, doctors generally or the thrombosis service agree that patients should manage the self-monitoring of long-term oral anticoagulation on theirs own and take control of their anticoagulation therapy. In these countries, reimbursement of the necessary equipment for self-monitoring is usually granted by the national health insurance authority.

However, in other countries, self-monitoring can be carried out only in very closer cooperation with the general practitioner and/or lab. In these countries, reimbursement by the national health insurance authority of the necessary equipment is for self-monitoring not yet possible.

The main activities of ISMAAP focus on patients on long-term oral anticoagulation therapy and consequently achieve a better quality of therapy and an improved quality of life.  


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