ISMAAP in Bejing and Seoul 2010

The World Congress of Cardiology took place June 17th until 19th, 2010 in Beijing. The World Heart Federation (WHF), Geneva, organised this congress. As member of the WHF, ISMAAP used this opportunity to get in touch with cardiologists around the world.

ISMAAP in Beijing and Seoul

„It was interesting to see how cardiologists react to the INR self testing and self-management. Many of the interviewed cardiologists doubt that patients are in the position to check the INR themselves. We seized the opportunity to show that patients are very well in the position to check the INR and to give them more responsibility in their long-term treatment with anticoagulants”, reported us Christian Schaefer, President of ISMAAP

On the occasion of the pre-symposium „Innovative Cardiac Diagnostics“ June 14-15, 2010 in Beijing Marcel Levi, MD, ISMAA, referred to the international consensus guidelines on anticoagulant therapy management. „These management strategies may improve the quality of anticoagulation and facilitate the management of anticoagulated patients and may thereby further help to come to optimal antithrombotic management in patients at risk for thromboembolic complications“, said Marcel Levi.

Following to this talk Wacin Buddhari, MD, Bangkok and Christian Schaefer illustrated case studies on INR self-testing during the panel discussion.

More than 30 journalists of China visited the media workshop June 16th in Beijing. At the panel discussion, talked Da Yi Hu, MD, Beijing; James Januzzi, MD, Boston; Marcel Levi, MD, Amsterdam und Christian Schaefer about the life with anticoagulants and how to reduce risk of events and bleeds. Dr. Hu: “Monitoring INR levels is generally not managed by the patient in China. But we hope that this will be changed in the future.”

In Seoul Christian Schaefer, was invited by the first patient club of anticoagulated patients. In his talk he presented the situation of anticoagulated patients in Europe and explained strategies for a better communication between patients and physicians.

The press conference in Seoul was successful. More than 30 journalists of South Korea were interested in the topic of the importance of INR management. “Anticoagulation self-management is now 24 years on and we see that more and more anticoagulated patients are able to monitor their INR results themselves for a better quality of life”, so Christian Schaefer in his conclusion.

Christian Schaefer, ISMAAP (Aug. 2010)

Picture: (left to right):Da Yi Hu, MD, Beijing; Marcel Levi, MD, Amsterdam; James Januzzi, MD, Boston, and Christian Schaefer, ISMAAP