Sunday, 23. of October 2016
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6th International Patient/Physician Conference on oral Anticoagulant Therapy

Participants from 12 countries attended the conference to discuss about a better outcome for anticoagulated patients.

Well-known speakers and physicians discussed with leaders of national patient groups (anticoagulated patients).

Topics of the conference under the direction of Artur Bernardo, MD, Gais/Switzerland, Alan K. Jacobson, MD, Loma Linda/ USA and Christian Schaefer, Ratingen/ Germany:

"How to increase the safety for anticoagulated patients"

Benilde Cosmi, MD Bologna/Italy

"INR self-management in the young"

Heleen von Ommen, MD, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands

"Bleeding complications associated with anticoagulant therapy in patients with cancer"

Wolfgang Korte, MD, St. Gallen/ Switzerland

"Combinaltion treatment of anticoagulation and antiplatelet"

Marcel Levi, MD, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands

"How far away is the future of anticoagulation: genetic testing, new agents...?"

Felix van der Meer, MD, Leiden/ The Netherlands

"Travel in patients on anticoagulation – Results of the International Patient survey"

Juergen Ringwald, MD, Erlangen/ Germany

(Oct. 2010)