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The General Assembly of ISMAAP in conference

This two days meeting took place in Geneva in June 2006. There were two keynote speakers Helen Alderson, Director of Development of the World Heart Federation (WHF) and Dr. Heinrich Körtke (Heartcenter NRW, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany). Ms Alderson guided us through the important work of the Federation. She felt that patient organisations were a missing link in their development and that we need to work more closely together.

H. Koertke, MD, ISMAAP Medical advisor, talked about his research into the management of valve patient on lower therapeutic values by early training for self-management. He felt that therapeutic ranges may be kept too high because the service only had resources to test infreqeuntly. However when you were testing more often you can keep within a narrower and lower range.

One topic of discussion among the delegates was the lack of information for people on warfarin who travel to other European countries. Very often the medical professionals are unable to help with emergency dosing advice as the medication may be different, for exeample warfarin, phenprocoumon etc. . It can also be confusing for the healthcare professional as the colours of the various tablet are different in other countries.

Eve Knight


ISMAAP meeting in Graz/Austria

Eight countries share information to improve patient care

From 5th until 8th of Oct. 2006 ISMAAP held its last meeting of the year in Graz. Unfortunately not all the countries were able to attend.
Following on from the success of the symposium at the World Heart Congress in Barcelona it was decided to hold author one at the “International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) in Geneva in July 2007.
Funding is still being sought in order to produce information for people who travel in Europe about the differences between the anticoagulation drugs prescribed and where they can find help if they need I while abroad.
It is also hoped that a major survey of patients across Europe will be conducted via the respective countries web sites this year to find out how anticoagulation therapy effects people, and what are the similarities between patients in the difference countries.
Dr. Koertke –medical advisor of ISMAAP – has recently published the results of a follow up study to the ESCAT trial. The paper is titled “Self-Management of oral anticoagulation therapy improves long term survival in patient with mechanical heart valve replacement”.
In his talk Michael Knight (AnticoagulationEurope) refers to the success that INR self-management becomes more popular in United Kingdom.
The question why the therapeutic INR values are varying in Europe was discussed between the members of ISMAAP and physicians.

Michael Knight/C.Schaefer (Feb.2007)