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World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona

The ISMAAP-Symposium „Living with anticoagulants“ of the World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona (Spain, Sept. 3rd, 2006) was dedicated to the exchange of experience between patients, who need life time anticoagulation treatment, and this cardiologists.
About 300 cardiologists from around the world attended this meeting. It was the first time, a patient’s organisation was actively participating in a World Congress of Cardiology.

Watch the closing remarks of Prof. Jack Ansell, New York, USA

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In a round table discussion ISMAAP members discussed with physicians about the importance to become a specialist in ones own affairs, and to take INR control in ones own hands.
Participants of this discussion were Prof. Dr. J. Michael Hasenkam (Aarhus, Denmark), Prof. Dr. Elaine Hylek (Boston, US), Prof. Dr. Jack Ansell (Boston, US), Dr. Eric Butchart (Cardiff, UK), PD Dr. Heinrich Körtke (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) and on patients side Christian Schaefer (Ratingen, Germany), Eve Knight (Bromley, UK), Dr. Adela Zaragozá Catalán (Valencia, Spain) and Cees de Graaff (Driebergen, Netherlands).
Further information and abstracts you will find on this web site.
( r.): Cees de Graaff, Christian Schaefer, Michael Knight, Eve Knight, Jack Ansell, Adela Zaragoza Catalan, Michael Hasenkam, Eric Butchart, Elaine Hylek and Heinrich Körtke